How to Certify

The OPC Foundation Certification Program requires OPC-based products to pass an extensive level of testing to assure compliance, interoperability, robustness, and resource efficiency.

Preparing for Testing

  1. Download the certification specifications to understand the process and rules, etc.
  2. Download the compliance test tools and test-case documentation
  3. Download the OPC server and client configuration, and resource efficiency guides
  4. Follow the information in the 5-Steps to Certification Success guide

Once your product successfully passes compliance, interoperability, robustness, usability, and resource efficiency testing then you are ready for certification testing.

Scheduling Testing

  1. Find an available week in our Calendar.
  2. Submit your application for testing by completing the Application Request Form
  3. A Test Engineer will request your product, configuration, and test results etc.

If you still have questions about the OPC Certification Program, contact the Compliance department.