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DeviceXPlorer Data Logger Takebishi Corporation Key Features
DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Takebishi Corporation The latest series called DxpSERVER series of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server provide you connectivity for over 150 devices such as PLC, robot, NC, insturuments.  Also it has many robust features, such as native 64-bit application and latest user interface includ
XLReporter - The Next Generation of Reports, Forms and Dashboards SyTech, Inc - The Report Company  
UniSecure Systech International This e-Fingerprint is able to be authenticated in the field with a simple smart phone application.  Establishing product uniqueness also allows for interesting consumer engagement possibilites with the product and smartphone app.
UniTrace Systech International UniTrace provides compliance and business value in enabling the exchange of data between the ecosystem of manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors, 3PLs, dispendaries and regulatory bodies.
UniSeries Systech International UniSeries' configurable serialization software is designed with elements that can be assembled and realigned to quickly accommodate changing demands without requiring code re-writes. This eases handling multiple code schemas to comply with various regulat
Node-OPCUA Sterfive SAS NodeOPCUA is the open-source cross-platform OPC-UA stack for node.js. NodeOPCUA allows you to add server or client capabilities to your #IoT device or your server application. The project is hosted on Github and is used by industrial users startups, and l
SLIK-DA OPC DA and UA Server Toolkit Software Toolbox, Inc SLIK-DA is an ActiveX and MS.NET Windows Form Control designed for quickly adding OPC Data Access server interfaces to your C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, or Delphi application. You write your application to use SLIK-DA's properties, methods, and events.
OPC Data Client Rapid OPC Client Development Tool Software Toolbox, Inc This toolkit is both robust and flexible, allowing you to access OPC data with a few lines of code, while still providing a high level of customization options. The OPC Data Client is self-optimized for fast and reliable performance.
OPC Data Logger Software Toolbox, Inc The OPC Data Logger connects to any OPC Data Access 1.0 or 2.0x Server or OPC UA Server (DA Profile) and has been OPC Interoperability tested, as well as, tested by the OPC Foundation Independent Test labs. Solutions priced from $495 to $1495 with NO TAG
OmniServer Universal Configurable OPC Server Software Toolbox, Inc OmniServer™ takes care of the polling and data parsing for you, and does this without the use of a programming language. All you need to know is the device protocol format and how you want to present the data to the outside world.
TOP Server OPC & I/O Server Software Toolbox, Inc Some of TOP Server's many features include:
dataFEED Secure Integration Server Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard Server & Client SDK/Toolkit Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
eATM OPC UA MDIS Server Module for ControlLogix Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
eATM OPC UA Server Module for ControlLogix Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
dataFEED REST Connector Softing Industrial Automation GmbH Further information to the product
dataFEED OPC Organizer Classic Softing Industrial Automation GmbH Advantages:
dataFEED OPC Data Handler Softing Industrial Automation GmbH Advantages:
dataFEED OPC Organizer UA Softing Industrial Automation GmbH Advantages: