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产品名称 会员名称 描述
SITOP UPS1600 Siemens AG A power failure not only stops the AC voltage but also the 24V power supply and therefore the entire automation system. Costly downtime and undefined plant states may be the result.
SITOP PSU8600 Siemens AG An integrated power supply is the future. Or is already reality today.
SINUMERIK CNC control systems Siemens AG  
SIMATIC RF600 - RFID System Siemens AG  
SINEMA Server Siemens AG The SINEMA SERVER software was specifically developed for industrial applications. It provides the option of representing networks completely and monitoring them. Using SNMP and simultaneous diagnostics via SIMATIC and PROFINET mechanisms, many aspects of
SIMATIC S7-400 with OPC UA CP (CP 443-1 OPC UA) Siemens AG The CP enables data to be provided directly from the controller rack for other nodes or receive data from them by means of a standardized OPC UA interface.
SIMATIC B.Data Siemens AG  
SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC Family Siemens AG The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller series with the high-end CPU 1518 and the new controllers in compact design, CPU 1511C and CPU 1512C, is the new generation of controllers in the TIA Portal and a milestone for automation. It ensures highest efficiency and m
SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced Siemens AG
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels Siemens AG
Desigo CC - Building Management Station Siemens AG As the first-ever building management station of its kind, Desigo CC allows customers to integrate all of their building systems – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to fire safety and security, power, lighting and shading. Desigo CC is an ope
Industrial Automated Messaging SeQent  
SIMATIC NET OPC Server Siemens AG High performance, fast reaction time and efficient data interchange between a process component and an application for further processing, e.g. Control- or HMI software.
Motion Control System SIMOTION Siemens AG SIMOTION enables the scalable handling of comprehensive motion functions as well as PLC and technology functions in a motion control system with a common engineering system (SIMOTION SCOUT/ SIMOTION SCOUT TIA).
SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC V7 Siemens AG Its scalability accompanies the easy growth of your applications from single user systems to client-server and multi-server scenarios with redundant servers all the way to a distributed Internet/Intranet architecture with mobile access.
SIA OPC UA Embedded Server 1.0.4 Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences Features:
X2OPC Shanghai Sunfull Automation Co., LTD  
Industrial Visualization Digital Signage Content and Audio Control SeQent  
Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging SeQent  
Andon – Visual Display Management SeQent